David Barath
David Barath

Finta Studio
Finta Studio is Hungary’s leading architectural studio. Mr Finta, who is responsible for almost all major building investments in Budapest in the last decades, after 30 years has decided to reinvent himself and his studio through a new identity. Logotype is Helvetica Extra Bold, a classic font close to architecture with a long reputation (such as Finta Studio itself). Studio has asked for a simple, classic, elegant and lasting design, to which a visual gag has been added by positioning logo everywhere to the edges of the given carrier. Each element of the identity is playing with proportions of the envelope, business card or other carrier and the logo itself. This is a small hint of how new buildings have to fit already existing ones in the urban landscape. Owners, lead architects and junior architects had to be distinguished, so we have chosen three different colours and three different thickness for the business cards: three layers (black-white-black papers laminated) and white logo for the owners, plain black 450 gr paper with white logos for lead architects and 300 gr black paper and yellow logo for juniors.
Basic stationary, website have been part of the first stage, catalogues, folders and other elements will be added in the second stage of my work for Finta Studio.