David Barath
David Barath
Viktor Segal - Colours and Tastes
Viktor Segal has been a famous chef in Hungary, known for his extraordinary creations. We wanted to introduce him to a wide audience and to establish his name as a personal brand, therefore I acted as an art director not only in the creation of his first book, but in the whole branding process.
I decided to use art as a tool and I have commissioned contemporary painter Áron Baráth to create special artworks for the project. In the book, each chapter is focusing on one of the chef's favourite ingredients (chocolate, tomato, strawberry, pork etc.), and each chapter is introduced by a painting, inspired by the same ingredient. As I wanted to keep the paintings and the dishes in the foreground, I have created an extremely elegant layout for the volume and briefed photographers, stylists accordingly. Each dish is served on a concrete desk (created by Ivanka), fonts and other graphic elements are all very simple and clear.
Two months after the publication of the volume, we organized an exhibition, where the paintings created for the book were accompanied by Segal's exquisite dishes.

Owing to this unusual approach, the project has enjoyed an extensive media coverage and raised Viktor Segal to a celebrity chef status. The book itself  has won three awards at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award:  it has been chosen as "Best Cookbook of the Year in Hungary", "Best Cookbook Design for the Public in Hungary" and has won 2nd prize in the "Best Cookbook Eastern Europe" category for 2010.